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 hectic town 4

Author: the Lion
Genre: Other

Submitted on May 18, 2017 at 09:51:15 am

Ok I added bridges to the song. Hope you like the 4th version of it.

(hectic town 4)ci-gci-cdg-acFc MbV-gbV-ccF-acFcIbX-gbX-ccFcMc D-abZ-gbZ-cca-bcIcj-gcj-ccMcIc F-abp-gbp-gau-gau-ccF-acEcDab- gab-fcoax-gax-gaF-gaF-gdt-Z-Z- Z-Z-Z-s,klkPikjsjHjFjsjqklkPik jsjHjFjsjqikkmkPhWhVkQijhWikkm kPhWhVkQijjtiliPhWiliPilhWiPil iPhWilkQhWjtjIjK-ajv-aiR-akSiR jK-ajvkoiR-akSiRjviljvkmjKiPjK kQjviljvkmjKiPjKoBnSmOnS-amOij iNjHnSmOnS-aoBmOnSiOnSmOnS-anS mOnS-anSmOnS-aoBmOoBmOoLmLoLmS ogowogmSjImHiMjsjImHiMjJkn-aim kRkR-aimknouiniQjuim-akNiMii-a jq-aiM-amI-ajF-akN-akj-ahT-a!! kviukZifififiYiu-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-k,h E!!hE!!-dhE!!hE!!eB-aeohEdo-ce B-aeo-ado-ceB-aeo-adp-cdP-cdp- cdP-aep-adp-cdP-cdp-cdP-cdp-cd P-cdp-cdP-cdp-ceC-cdp-ceC-aepd Pdp-cep-ceC-acc-aeC-adP-adq-cd Q-ccD-ceD-capcccCbpbCcCdpcccCd pdPdpeC-aepdPao-caO-cbB-ccb-cd x-gdx-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-k,aw-cbi-abU-a aw-cbi-abU-aaw-cbi-abU-aaw-cbi -abU-aax-cbj-cax-cbj-abV-aax-c bj-cax-cbjeAbjeAax-abVazbj-aco blax-abVazbj-acoblax-cco-cax-c co-abVbjax-cbV-cco-ada-aco-abj -aay-cbk-cdN-ccp-caw-cbi-cdL-c cn-coIii-akjmIiM-aiiiijF-aiiiM kj-aoIkv-ajCjRkv-ajRkvaI-Z-Z-Z -Z-Z-k

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Rated 10.00 / 10.00 with 2 ratings and 2 comments

Kamijin    Rating: 10.00Report As Abusive!
Concept of this song is pretty new and original to me. Still making a newer version of this?

EnHell    Rating: 10.00Report As Abusive!
Pretty good Lion, I liked the idea of D's, E's and G's and the guitars were harmonizing very well. 0:57~1:08 -> Amazing section, good specials and manuals combination. I loved that original section. 1:48 -> Other amazing section, very good harmonizations and chord's progressions. You improved your skills here and this is very clear to me now! I like the ending pretty much. This song is a bit too short, but still very good. It is like a breath of fresh air. 10,0.

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