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 All Hope is Lost

Author: EnHell
Genre: Other

Submitted on May 17, 2017 at 08:54:49 am

An attempt to do a sad song, inspired by two other songs :)

The Intro represents Sadness,

The Chorus represent Angriness,

There are some little Happiness in it, that, in fact, represents Hope.


Good listen ~

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Rated 10.00 / 10.00 with 6 ratings and 9 comments

Plug    Rating: 10.00Report As Abusive!
That intro was flawless! It really sets the pace and feel of the song. I noticed in all of your songs you always have great transitions. Superb special usage as always. I liked the quiet parts more than the explosive chorus, but you just make it work so well.

the Lion    Rating: 10.00Report As Abusive!
This song was really good. Like really good!I came to realise that your song had kind of a happy vibe and a depressive vibe. Kinda split. Well it's hard to make a sad song if you don't feel sad yourself. If your intrested in philosophy and why hope might be not that great in the first place:

EnHellReport As Abusive!
@Abneto, Yeaa, I totally agree with the drums being too fast sometimes. I'll fix that. I put the slow blue drums, but it is still too fast to the sad feeling I wanted to create, but'I think it could be improved. #UpdatingTheSong. Thanks!

Abneto    Rating: 10.00Report As Abusive!
Very creative. I like that 2:15 idea with the drums. Speaking which, I felt the drums were almost always too loud and fast for most occasions, perhaps a heavy slow would transmit the idea kinda better, regardless, real nice mixing within the specials, could barely tell any flaws!

JohnKing    Rating: 10.00Report As Abusive!
Take that ten!

EnHellReport As Abusive!
@Suppoe, they were actually two different POM2 Songs, but I don't remember their names.

SuppoeReport As Abusive!
What songs were you inspired by?

Momo    Rating: 10.00Report As Abusive!
WTF nice key bro :3

Skyrocker    Rating: 10.00Report As Abusive!
I guess it's alright.

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