I could sum up all the rules very shortly, just be friendly and make this site a fun place to be!
Feel free to check out the complete set of rules though!

There are simple rules to follow when using the POM website and it’s features. Failure to follow these rules will result in punishment. So let us all try and follow these rules on a day to day basis.  Information can change here at any time, check in monthly.

Site and Forums Rules

Overall when browsing POM.net be sure to follow these rules.

Language: Keep your language clean, no swearing, cursing, insulting, even if it's censored.  Don't talk about sex, drugs, etc.  There are very young people around and bad language or adult themes  could make me lose my ads (i.e. my revenues) so I will be severe about that.

Sharing Song Data: The only place to share your song data is with the "Submit Song" button in the User Content menu.  Do NOT post song data in the quick chat or the forums.

Chat Box
: The chat box is a place to quickly discuss with other members. Try not to spam, flame, troll, and do not post POM song data in the chat box.

Respect: Respect all fellow members and treat them how you would want to be treated. If you have any questions, ask someone from the staff we'll surely help you as soon as we can.

Multiple Accounts: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT create more then one account. Creating more then one account creates suspicion that you are either cheating the User Song Rating or other various things. If a second account is found you will be warned about it and asked why. Continuing to create accounts will be an instant ban FOREVER!

Changing Name: If you desire to change your nickname, contact me, Evil-Dog.  Only contact me if you know you'll keep the new name, it's not a game and I don't have time to waste changing people's names for fun.

Spam: Spam is the most annoying thing in a forum. Spam can be but not limited to; double posting, discussion of the wrong topic, continuous posting of random words, numbers, etc..

Flame: Flaming will not be tolerated. Flaming is defined as rude conduct, a forum argument, racism, and any type of bad manners. Just don’t start an argument and be civilized.

Trolls: Trolling or trolls will not be tolerated, at all. Trolling is a serious matter. Trolls are often people who show up to a website to spam and flame or even try to bring down a website. This is a serious offense and will be dealt with immediately if found.

Proper Speech: Try not to use “leet speak” or “text speak” as some members cannot understand and it just doesn’t look good.

English: This is a English speaking website. Please try to speak English the best you can.

Forum Signatures: Forum signatures should be maximum 200 pixels high.

Copyrights: Submitting copyrighted songs is not accepted and could get all of us in trouble.  So be aware of that.

Stealing Submissions: You are on a creative site, stealing people's creations is an ultimate crime and will be dealt with severely.  SO DON'T STEAL PEOPLE'S STUFF!

If you find anyone breaking the site or forum rules above, be sure to report it to someone from the staff.


You will always receive some warnings with an explanation of what rule you failed to follow. If you continue to break the same rule multiple times expect a chat or punishment. We don't want to be the police so please try to follow the rules and don’t cause any trouble. Remember these rules are only here so we can have a friendly community for all. Don’t make us hunt you down. :)


Hello POMers! In order to expand and maintain punk-o-matic.net, I've moved the site to a dedicated server. As dedicated servers are quite expensive (175$/month), donations, preferably monthly ones (which of course can be canceled later on), would be extremely appreciated even if it's just 1 or 2 dollars a month. If many people chip in with such small amounts, it will quickly become a significant contribution to help keep this site alive and growing!
Thanks a lot for being part of the community!

Donate using PayPal
Recommended: 2$ - Monthly
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  • Kamijin : «link»
  • f1free : Thanks Kyou.
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : so? linkin park represented a lot of some of the darker facets of depression for some people. Whether you feel it's cheesy or corny or trash is irrelevant when you find solace in it.
  • Momo : #RipChester my idol
  • Arcaneis : «link» put your pain into this gothic metal
  • GuitarHeroTracks : RIP Chester
  • GuitarHeroTracks : «link» Doesn't even matter
  • Suppoe : damn, i love linkin park
  • Arcaneis : no more linkin park=( The lead singer i saw on the news committed suicide today
  • huahua : x3
  • f1free : So my POM skills are still a load of ass
  • f1free : just breaking the silence
  • huahua : OwO
  • Skyrocker : «link»
  • the Lion : no ghostevils name doesn't start with evil.
  • Kamijin : If so, then Evil-Dog is a ripoff of ghostevil, and doggod?
  • Kamijin : His name seems legit. lol
  • the Lion : lol f1pro is just a ripoff of pom-pro and f1free
  • Kamijin : Evil-Dog? Yeah, he's new. I doubt that f1pro is a newcomer, I think he created this site.
  • Kamijin : ¿неLLဝ?
  • the Lion : so with f1pro and Evil-Dog we have two new members. cool
  • the Lion : ..
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : .
  • f1free : it's song data
  • f1free : Okay, so some guy named f1pro PM'd me, and his name is very similar to mine
  • Skyrocker : :heart:
  • huahua : anyway ily bye
  • Skyrocker : whuat
  • huahua : what
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