'Sup, biscuits. Mega and I are in talks* about how to handle Season Two of That POM Show!, and despite our frequent visits to the hospital (and that one counselor for some reason...), we both agree on one thing. We need special guests!

In the past, he and I have had to scramble to find guests because people we wanted or already had would need to cancel at the last minute, couldn't be reached, or encountered any number of at-home problems that kept them busy. A few times, we had to reschedule. A lot more times, we had to replace somebody.

Well, we want to avoid that particular runaround. So Mega's whipped up this handy-dandy signup form on our site that will hopefully make all of our lives much easier. For the second season, we have two episodes already accounted for. That leaves episodes two, three, and five, all of which are conveniently dated on the aforementioned signup form.

You've all heard our show and know what we're about. This shouldn't come as any surprise! And how else are you gonna have a chance to work with us? Even you want this, don't lie to yourself.

So go ahead and click the link. We don't need a lot of info, since the season hasn't begun yet. If you're accepted, we'll be in contact with you as the date gets nearer. So don't worry too much about the interview questions or what topics will be discussed. That's bigger fish to fry, and we're still fishing.

Hope to see you guys there!


*Our 'talks' is a summation of our discussions, but it's more accurate to say that we step into a UFC ring and wail on each other with ideas. Whoever grabs the biggest stadium chair wins. Now who's gonna pay for these hospital bills?

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