Hey guys, POM now has an Official Youtube Channel! It will be a hub for all POM stuff on Youtube! It will mainly organize POM related videos so they're easy to check out and find! It will also help keep the community updated on what's going on, just like our Official Facebook and POM.net itself.

Feel free to send a message through Youtube to the channel and link us to videos you want showing in the playlists!

You can also leave suggestions, comments and add to the discussion about it on the forum thread. The POM YT is still being organized and further refined & defined, so be sure to give your thoughts!




Also be sure to check out POM TV! You can chat in the QC while watching POM Music Videos! It's just like a real music television show! POM TV makes it super easy to sit back and watch awesome music videos; there's no hassle at all! Try it out! =D

So far we have about 46 music videos! There's even a few ads hehe.



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Hello POMers! In order to expand and maintain punk-o-matic.net, I've moved the site to a dedicated server. As dedicated servers are quite expensive (175$/month), donations, preferably monthly ones (which of course can be canceled later on), would be extremely appreciated even if it's just 1 or 2 dollars a month. If many people chip in with such small amounts, it will quickly become a significant contribution to help keep this site alive and growing!
Thanks a lot for being part of the community!

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  • Kamijin : My bgm song running in my mind after finishing that Dragonforce Cover I created «link»
  • Applseed : m
  • the Lion : i need to go soon so i'm off
  • the Lion : cool
  • Kamijin : Okay, got that outro part removed!
  • Kamijin : Hahahaha lol, by the way I tried listening to this outro and the chords progresses to C, D#, F and G, that outro part should've been followed by 2 solos but POM2's got this 5:10 minute limit
  • the Lion : the outro is totally off key Sad
  • the Lion : kamijin i sent you a message
  • Kamijin : Yo EnHell, Can you check up this song? «link»
  • the Lion : ok we should keep the timeframe and the key in mind
  • Kamijin : Timeframe, bro? Also I've got it completed, you can check it on «link» Let's polish this song.
  • the Lion : and th E as well
  • the Lion : but the B is out of key
  • the Lion : ok I get what you mean
  • the Lion : oh got to check that
  • Kamijin : Yep, I saw it. I had replied on that, I guess...
  • Kamijin : Morning!
  • the Lion : Kamijin I wrote you a message on the forum
  • the Lion : morning
  • MCurna : weed
  • Kamijin : «link»
  • Kamijin : Through the Fire and the Flames Cover, 90% complete
  • Busto : weed
  • Kamijin : A bunch of Chocolate toppings?
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : wassup with the cookie
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : wassup with the cookie
  • Arcaneis : it's ok suppoe i tried but i did love the adjustments but it is your song=)
  • AdministratorFather : but you're so cute
  • Busto : «link» i have the worst sense of humor?
  • Ryuuzashow : pomsong «link» :b
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