Here are the actions that will give you XP.

Submitting Content
How much XP you get depends on the type of content.

  • Punk-o-matic Song: 30 XP
  • Punk-o-matic Song With Singing: 40 XP
  • Non Punk-o-matic Song: 30 XP
  • POM-Cast: 30 XP
  • User Blog: 20 XP

If you supply an icon for your submission, you will get an extra 10 XP.

Rating Content
When you rate a submission, you will earn 15 XP.

Having Fans
For each person, other than yourself, who has you in their favorite artists, you get 100 XP.

Having Your Content Favorited
For each of your contents that is favorited by someone, other than yourself, you get 10 XP.

Reporting Abusive Contents/Comments
When you do a valid report that requires an action from the staff, you will earn 20 XP when the report is closed by a staff member.

Staff News (For Super Admins)
Super admins are allowed to submit staff news.  When doing so, they will earn 30 XP.


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Thanks a lot for being part of the community!

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Latest Message: 9 hours, 8 minutes ago
  • Kamijin : «link»
  • f1free : Thanks Kyou.
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : so? linkin park represented a lot of some of the darker facets of depression for some people. Whether you feel it's cheesy or corny or trash is irrelevant when you find solace in it.
  • Momo : #RipChester my idol
  • Arcaneis : «link» put your pain into this gothic metal
  • GuitarHeroTracks : RIP Chester
  • GuitarHeroTracks : «link» Doesn't even matter
  • Suppoe : damn, i love linkin park
  • Arcaneis : no more linkin park=( The lead singer i saw on the news committed suicide today
  • huahua : x3
  • f1free : So my POM skills are still a load of ass
  • f1free : just breaking the silence
  • huahua : OwO
  • Skyrocker : «link»
  • the Lion : no ghostevils name doesn't start with evil.
  • Kamijin : If so, then Evil-Dog is a ripoff of ghostevil, and doggod?
  • Kamijin : His name seems legit. lol
  • the Lion : lol f1pro is just a ripoff of pom-pro and f1free
  • Kamijin : Evil-Dog? Yeah, he's new. I doubt that f1pro is a newcomer, I think he created this site.
  • Kamijin : ¿неLLဝ?
  • the Lion : so with f1pro and Evil-Dog we have two new members. cool
  • the Lion : ..
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : .
  • f1free : it's song data
  • f1free : Okay, so some guy named f1pro PM'd me, and his name is very similar to mine
  • Skyrocker : :heart:
  • huahua : anyway ily bye
  • Skyrocker : whuat
  • huahua : what
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