Welcome to the Punk-o-matic Pro development page.

POM Pro is the next installement in the Punk-o-matic series.  It will take a step back from the gaming experience and a huge step toward the music creation experience, becoming much more like a simplified music software and less like a game.

Here you can learn what's planned for POM Pro and leave feedback at the bottom of the page.

Release Date

POM Pro is still very early in development so a release date is still impossible to estimate.  That means don't ask when it's coming out.

Latest screenshot

Working on the full guitar neck for riff selection.

PLANNED Features

  • Lagless Playback
    Using Flash CS5's new sound features, the playback in POM Pro will be lagless.  No more little gaps between the riffs and riffs going out of sync.

  • Infinite Song Length
    With a dynamic music sheet, there will be no length limit and you will be able to make songs as long as you want.

  • More Precise Music Sheet
    You will be able to place your riffs at a half beat precision, which is 4 times more precise than Punk-o-matic 2.  In POM2, you can place a riff every 2 beats, meaning that a box lasts 2 beats.  In POM Pro, the boxes will be a half beat.

  • Riff Start Offset
    The riff start offset would allow you to start a special in the middle of it instead of always starting it at the beginning.

  • Zoom Feature
    With the better note precision and a possibly infinite amount of riffs in the game, the music sheet will not display riffs by letter or number but rather by name, color and octave or something like that.  The zoom feature will allow to zoom in on a section to put in the riffs with more precision and see what's going on. 

  • Tempo Control
    You will have control over the tempo to play your songs faster or slower and the possibility to have tempo changes throughout the song.
    This feature is still to be confirmed as it is complex to implement, considering the riff-based aspect of the game.

  • Volume Control
    You will be able to control the volume of each instrument tracks to create fade ins and fade outs for more unique songs.

  • Extended Drum and Drum Kits
    The drum kit will include more cymbals, probably double bass drum, cowbell, etc.  The plan is also to have the drum riffs be definitions of the beat and not the sounds of the beat.  What I mean by that is that all the drum riffs will be like custom riffs made from the drum samples the game has.  That would allow the player to swap drum kits to use the same riffs but with a different sound bank for the drum.

  • Online Riff Repository
    In POM Pro, all the riffs will be online and not in the game.  This means that the game will be very small and load very quickly and download the riffs as it needs them when previewing riffs, placing riffs on the time sheet and loading a song using the riffs.  The game would also allow downloading low quality riffs for slow connections and higher quality riffs for faster connections.

  • Extendable Riff Bank
    POM Pro will be designed with extendability in mind.  With the riffs being online, the game will load the list of available riffs from the server and download them when you use them.  This will allow new riffs to be added on the server without actually modifying the game.  The game will simply see the new riffs once you refresh your riff bank.  From there, the sky is the limit, new solos, new pickings, new chords, new higher notes, acoustic riffs, etc.

  • SFX Track
    Lots of songs have sound effect in theme, waves, wind, gun shots, police sirens, church bells, etc.  With an SFX track in POM Pro, people can add more personalit and uniqueness to their songs.  Imagine a smooth intro with sounds of waves or wind, with a solo coming in, or a sweet bass section with a police siren.  Or church bells during a heavy riff.

  • Instrument Effects
    You will be able to add effects such as reverbs, delays, EQs and others to your instrument tracks to create more unique songs and tones.
    This feature is still to be confirmed as programming audio effects is a complex undertaking.

  • Custom Riff Maker
    In POM Pro, you will be able to make your own custom riffs using POM Pro's samples.  That means you'll be able to create your custom drum beats, chord progressions, solos, etc.  Basically, it will let you make a custom little snippet of music with one instrument and then let you use it on your music sheet, like you would with any other riff. 
    This feature may also include the possibility of making custom song parts that you can reuse, multi-track custom riffs if you will.
    The scope of this feature is still to be defined.  It might be only for drums but I believe it could be for everything.  The precision for drum riffs might be greater than the precision for bass and guitar riffs though.

  • Song Copy/Cut/Paste
    In POM Pro, you will have the ability to select part of a song and copy it into memory to paste it somewhere else in the song or to load another song and copy the part of song that is in memory into the newly loaded song.  Transfering solos and data between songs will be much easier.

  • More Band Customization
    I have decided that I would keep the little band playing in POM Pro.  The band will also have one more (possibly optional) member so you can do triple leads and bass or dual leads with a backing rhythm guitar and the bass.  You will also be able to customize the band members in greater depth, choosing the gender, voice and lots of new custom parts, clothings, hair, etc.

  • Jam Room Customization
    You will be able to customize the jam room to play in the little crappy place like in POM2 or choose to play on various stages with varous stage light setups.

  • Career/Story/Concert Removal
    Taking a step back from the gaming experience, POM Pro will not have any career mode, money, concert gameplay or story progression.  It will focus on music making and watching the band play the songs you make.

  • Streaming In-Game Radio
    To limit the file size of the game, the game's soundtrack will also be online and extandable.

  • Chord, Octave and Single Note Selection
    While POM2 gave you a selection of rhythm (fifth chords) and lead riffs (octaves), POM Pro will let you choose a wide variety of chords as well as octave and single note.


  • Starting from POM2
    I am indeed starting from pom2 and will gradually bring it to the pom pro level changing how it works as I go.

  • Backward compatibility
    I'll do my best to make it backward compatible with POM1 and POM2.

  • Loading/Exporting midi/guitar pro files
    I could try to do that, seems like it would be possible, not sure. I'll add it to my todo list.

  • POM vs Highend programs
    POM will never be a highend program but it'll get closer to that level of control.

  • Keyboard addition
    For the millionth time, NO KEYBOARD.

  • More shirts/haircuts/etc
    Like the riffs, the customizable parts will be on the server so I can add more on demand.

  • Changing the band structure
    You will be able to turn off some members completely so if you want a 2 members band, or 4 members, etc. You'll also be able to choose if you want 3 guitars, 2 bass, etc

  • Electric guitar and acoustic guitar
    The acoustic guitar will be a "tone" in POM pro, that means you can change the tone of your guitarist anywhere in the song. So if you want an acoustic guitarist, no problem.

  • Story mode
    POM Pro focuses on composing music. If you wanna be playing your songs on a crazy stage, you can with the stage customization.

  • Chords
    All kinds of chords will be available as well as octaves and single notes. See  Chord, Octave and Single Note Selection in the feature list.


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