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Quick Chat
Latest Message: 36 minutes ago
  • huahua : Got it.
  • Komorga : Intro's sent.
  • Komorga : All right. I'll send you an intro in a moment.
  • huahua : Basically, yes. I would like that.
  • huahua : I'm going to be away next week, but I can probably get something done in the next five days or so (and afterwards if I don't), so sure.
  • Komorga : I don't think we've ever worked together.
  • Komorga : Want to collab, hua?
  • Komorga : It is. Looking forward to judging these ^^
  • huahua : This round is going to be ridiculously close.
  • Komorga : *jumps for joy*
  • huahua : Of course, I say this having not added him to the MOI contestants list.
  • huahua : Oh, Komo, EnHell entered RWN. I think you missed that.
  • huahua : *applauds*
  • huahua : Wow. Someone actually did that demo critiquing.
  • Komorga : If you have an entry in the works or have not submitted it yet, be quick!
  • Komorga : «link» I'd also like to bring to your attention that there are only 6 days left to enter the current round of RWN.
  • Komorga : «link» DC has been updated.
  • huahua : *more wind*
  • huahua : *someone's phone rings, but when it is answered all that can be heard is the endless howling storm*
  • huahua : *wolves howl*
  • huahua : *storm clouds descend*
  • huahua : *the wind blows*
  • ModeratorSethenTheFirst : good night everyone.. im goiing to bed.
  • ChaosRevisited : aside from that, I'll probably be on when our collab is done to post it
  • ChaosRevisited : if I get anything written I might pop on and post it on a blog
  • ChaosRevisited : Seya~
  • ChaosRevisited : Alright man :3
  • AdministratorNoydian Slip : Going to bed ladies and gents. Chaos, I'll talk to you later. Good night my friend.
  • AdministratorNoydian Slip : It's 3 am right now Razz
  • AdministratorNoydian Slip : Me too hahaha, fell asleep at the keyboard.

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