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Quick Chat
Latest Message: 1 hour, 14 minutes ago
  • thecrimsonking : *goes foraging for food
  • thecrimsonking : i don't do fish. It's against my religion, or taste buds. Same thing
  • huahua : Yeah.
  • thecrimsonking : on a bagel?
  • huahua : Smoked herring is surprisingly good.
  • thecrimsonking : or butter and cinnamon sugar. or, or, or... I want a bagel now
  • thecrimsonking : it depends on what you do with said bagels. Cream Cheese Please!
  • huahua : guys, i just bought twelve bagels for the equivalent of three euros and i can't tell if that was the best or worst decision of my life
  • Komorga : And if 'they' aren't doing it, he'll do it himself.
  • huahua : they are always making movies about sosl
  • thecrimsonking : they are making a movie about sosl «link»
  • thecrimsonking : which is why i'm on here in the very early am all the time
  • thecrimsonking : because i do what no one else wants to, closing
  • thecrimsonking : my friend just got fired from amazon for no reason, and it kind of made me glad to know that they need me where i work
  • thecrimsonking : I always keep an eye out, but the security is what keeps me there
  • Komorga : Torturing yourself with a crummy job only puts more stress on you.
  • Komorga : Why don't you look for a different job now?
  • thecrimsonking : only 2 more semesters
  • thecrimsonking : one of the things that keeps me going: the day I get to say I quit to my boss, lol
  • Red Death : «link»
  • Komorga : *ahem* Pardon my ranting. Here's a song «link»
  • Komorga : Goddamn student jobs.
  • Komorga : (approx. $9.2/hour)
  • Komorga : God, I wish I did. No, I started with €7/hour.
  • Komorga : Oh, I didn't start out at $11/hour.
  • thecrimsonking : Hm, I figured the ratio would be a little higher. And as a starting job, $11 is pretty good. I do like $10.25 or something like that, but I could never make it on my own
  • huahua : Yay.
  • Komorga : Scumbag bosses.
  • huahua : And I think the minimum you need to earn to make a living in London is £8-something.
  • huahua : £7 over here, and minimum wage is something like £6.70.
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