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Latest Message: 0 minutes ago
  • AdministratorMERCYBOP : adios
  • AdministratorMERCYBOP : «link» check out this accident i did with ableton trying to figure out warping
  • AdministratorMERCYBOP : not if you're a house dj
  • Egbert2011 : *gainboosts everything*
  • POMers Anonymous : what sucks though is my crossfader is broken so if I want to switch between the two I have to turn down the Gain which is less convenient
  • POMers Anonymous : alright, i got both of my turntables set up, i'm ready to DJ
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : so uh
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : *shrug shrug*
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : why did woody's roundup not have an ending?
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : *shakes fist*
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : damn nationalists
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : i think some people aren't done celebrating the 4th.
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : no
  • Egbert2011 : does this normally happen kyou
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : Goddammit.
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : Shots fired again.
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : that's good
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : I think they've stopped.
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : and then THROW IT AT THEM
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : ooooor you could build a perfect replica of some fancy machine gun out of twinkies
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : suure you could be reasonable like that
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : 4. I don't want to die by someone else's hand.
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : 3. THEY HAVE A GUN AND I'M A PoC.
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : 2. I'm a PoC.
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : 1. They have a GUN.
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : Let me put things in perspective.
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : I don't think you understand how little I desire to approach someone with a gun.
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : Drasher
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : if you don't set them off you're technically not injuring them
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : what if you put fireworks in their pants
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