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Latest Message: 13 minutes ago
  • ModeratorRodin : butterfllllllllly *disappears*
  • AdministratorMercy_Bop : I see
  • ModeratorRodin : top nine currently, but that's going to change probably
  • ModeratorRodin : except the top ten for some reason
  • AdministratorMercy_Bop : And it's all in alphabetical order.
  • ModeratorRodin : *lurks*
  • ModeratorRodin : post in it, people
  • ModeratorRodin : «link» am did topic with big list with colorful links that I am currently updating
  • ModeratorRodin : but do you know why ki- oh wait it's not the early noughties anymore
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : good night
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : I still know the names of all things.
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : whatever
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : darsh gangit
  • ModeratorRodin : *borked*
  • ModeratorRodin : nope
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : And the loss broke.
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : *pulls Rodin into pieces*
  • ModeratorRodin : prove it
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : And I said to the loss "BREAK" and the loss broke.
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : I am Taborlin the Great and I know the names of all thing.
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : but consider this:
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : well, okay
  • ModeratorRodin : I win
  • ModeratorRodin : it can't be both and I used the word "empirically" first
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : it is, rather
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : empirically true
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : no it's not
  • ModeratorRodin : empirically false
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : what part of "I am taborlin the great and I know the names of all things" don't you understand?
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : your true name is loss
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