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Quick Chat
Latest Message: 24 minutes ago
  • Ryuuzashow : song «link» (:
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : hey WhiteDivinity. I see you're online. You've got a response waiting on you in a forum topic from Magneto.
  • mycatrocks : If you want to edit it yourself, please do. I'm literally the only person whose attempting this cover atm. Sad
  • mycatrocks : «link» Just updated Leprosy! Very Happy
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : EVEN THE FLOW
  • AdministratorFather : *big big beat
  • AdministratorFather : «link» does this not sound like the big beat
  • AdministratorFather : rupaul ripped off azealia omg
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : ayo
  • Arcaneis : «link» check out my heavy punk demo
  • Arcaneis : sup guys
  • AdministratorFather : «link»
  • Suppoe : «link»
  • AdministratorFather : sorry east of londoner *pretends to be shocked*
  • AdministratorFather : east londoner woww *pretends to be shocked*
  • AdministratorFather : he does look like a serial killer though
  • AdministratorFather : i can't bully on facebook
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : idrc
  • AdministratorFather : what an idiot
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : so i said "k bet i'm making it SomethingRandom"
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : and they were like fine
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : i said "yo, i just wanna change your name"
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : i didn't even ban the first account
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : see it's funny
  • AdministratorFather : oh lemme guess you banned and they're making multi accounts now
  • Blue_Mayonnaise : no remember, they're being "empowering"
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : goddamn, i can't be nice to anyone without them being an asshole
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : also, i don't see why they keep making accounts. I played nice and simply changed the name of their first account but noooooooo, they wanna troll and be a jerk
  • Blue_Mayonnaise : i feel personally attacked
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : I don't know about yall, but I predict BluePower next
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