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Quick Chat
Latest Message: 11 minutes ago
  • AdministratorNoydian Slip : bahahaaa
  • Chester : Because YOLO!
  • Chester : Except to try them.
  • AdministratorNoydian Slip : Don't do wonder drugs, kids.
  • AdministratorNoydian Slip : wow, almost typoed "poet" to "pot".
  • AdministratorNoydian Slip : Gah, this outro is being wonky. I'm going to do the poet thing.
  • Chester : Always a valid solution.
  • AdministratorNoydian Slip : Guess I'll make it a multi-part series, maybe.
  • AdministratorNoydian Slip : This song is shaping up to be about 8 and half minutes,adding up all the little sections I want to use.
  • Chester : I've never absolutely needed to go over the limit, but I wouldn't mind experimenting with it.
  • Chester : You're a bot!
  • Red Death : Kenneth#mlrhvgak95gennick[WWjjeDjEEJWe,2,4] Obviously not a bot.
  • AdministratorNoydian Slip : haha I guess I'm the latest edition to the club on that one.
  • Chester : *dat fels*
  • AdministratorNoydian Slip : Speaking of doing the POM, I NEED MORE ROOM. The 5:10 limit is killing me right now.
  • AdministratorNoydian Slip : *do the cha-cha
  • Chester : *do the POM
  • Chester : I sometimes even to the POM
  • Chester : Yeah, I'm still here sometimes
  • AdministratorNoydian Slip : Rin Tin Tin with a twist.
  • AdministratorNoydian Slip : Red Death Death.
  • AdministratorNoydian Slip : Good green gilldebrandt, it's Chester.
  • Red Death : Death...
  • ModeratorRodin : WONDER DRUGS.
  • Chester : It happens to the best of us
  • AdministratorNoydian Slip : Wonder drugs.
  • ModeratorRodin : I got so caught up in trying to spell 'queue' that I forgot a word.
  • ModeratorRodin : those queue menus
  • ModeratorRodin : menus
  • ModeratorRodin : those queue are quite mesmerizing in their own way.
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