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Quick Chat
Latest Message: 0 minutes ago
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : yeah
  • Super AdministratorKyoufuu : Why are you all talking about that piss poor game
  • AdministratorMercy_Bop : ...I logged in and caught this guy mentioning how he started playing runescape in 2004
  • Super AdministratorLotWPro : gotta get on that daily grind
  • Super AdministratorLotWPro : RUNESCAAAAAPE
  • ModeratorRodin : that's terrifying
  • AdministratorMercy_Bop : woah, chester
  • ModeratorRodin : there are kids that started playing runescape back in the day and are now adults
  • Chester : You kids and your internets
  • Chester : I don't even know what Runescape is
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : but there's no skill behind skills
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : but that jazz is sweet
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : yeah, yeah
  • AdministratorMercy_Bop : ....attack, strength, defense, magic, prayer, thieving, cooking, firemaking, woodcutting, fishing, crafting, uhhh
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : ...jesus christ «link»
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : ...what skill
  • ModeratorRodin : because runescape is the dumbest thing in the world
  • AdministratorMercy_Bop : there's too much skill in runescape
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : why would it exit at all
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : but if there's no skill in any sort of pvp
  • AdministratorMercy_Bop : but then runescape added this wager thing where you got to keep three of your most valuable items
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : yeah, I mean, I get that
  • AdministratorMercy_Bop : and the winner of the battle could take it
  • AdministratorMercy_Bop : When a player died in the wilderness, everything they owned was lost
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : it doesn't accomplish anything
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : what's the point
  • Super AdministratorDrasher : see what I don't understand is why online games that are entirely level based have pk at all
  • ModeratorRodin : I'm dead
  • Chester : I don't even
  • AdministratorMercy_Bop : hi
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